The Greatest Knockout "EVER" Rocky Marciano.

tightbastard 61 videos
tightbastard | February 21, 2009

Muhammad Ali Vito Antuofermo Jorge Arce Alexis Arguello Henry Armstrong ...

tightbastard | February 21, 2009

Muhammad Ali
Vito Antuofermo
Jorge Arce
Alexis Arguello
Henry Armstrong
Abe Attell
Monte Attell
Max Baer
Carmen Basilio
Wilfredo Benitez
Nigel Benn
Francisco Bojado
Oscar Bonavena
James J. Braddock
Lamon Brewster
Frank Bruno
Ken Buchanan
Joe Bugner
Tommy Burns
Victor Luvi Callejas
Hector Camacho
Juan Carazo
Primo Carnera
Michael Carbajal
Georges Carpentier
Jimmy Carter
Rubin "Hurricane" Carter
Jorge Castro
Marcel Cerdan
Bobby Chacon
Jung Koo Chang
Ezzard Charles
Julio Cesar Chavez
Kid Chocolate
George Chuvalo
Kermit Cintron
Gerrie Coetzee
Billy Conn
John Conteh
Gerry Cooney
Henry Cooper
James J. Corbett
Billy Costello
Jose Miguel Cotto
Miguel Cotto
Herbert Crossley
Carlos Cruz
Leo Cruz
Jose Cuevas
Donald Curry
Bobby Czyz
Alberto Davila
Oscar De La Hoya
Tony DeMarco
Jack Dempsey
George Dixon
Leonard Dorin Doroftei
Champion Jack Dupree
Roberto Duran
Yvon Durelle
Flash Elorde
Alfredo Escalera
Sixto Escobar
Clifford Etienne
Jeff Fenech
Luis Firpo
Bob Fitzsimmons
George Foreman
Bob Foster
Joe Frazier
Acelino Freitas
Gene Fullmer
Victor Galindez
Joe Gans
Arturo Gatti
Kid Gavilan
Joey Giardello
Mike Gibbons
Tommy Gibbons
Andrew Golota
Wilfredo Gomez
Rocky Graziano
Harry Greb
Emile Griffith
Yoko Gushiken
Marvin Hagler
Morrade Hakkar
"Prince" Naseem Hamed
Mustafa Hamsho
Marvin Hart
Gene Hatcher
Thomas Hearns
Tom Heeney
Matthew Hilton
Fighting Hilton Family
Larry Holmes
Evander Holyfield
Bernard Hopkins
Julian Jackson
Rene Jacquot
James J. Jeffries
Esteban De Jesus
Eder Jofre
Ingemar Johansson
Harold Johnson
Jack Johnson
Roy Jones Jr.
William Joppy
Willie Jorrin
Duk Koo Kim
Jung Koo Chang
Wladimir Klitschko
Vitali Klitschko
Santos Laciar
Donny Lalonde
Jake LaMotta
Juan Laporte
Carlos De Leon
Benny Leonard
Sugar Ray Leonard
John Henry Lewis
Lennox Lewis
Rafael Limon
Sonny Liston
Benny Lynch
Ricardo Lopez
Tommy Loughran
Joe Louis
Ron Lyle
Barry McGuigan
Saoul Mamby
Ray Mancini
Rocky Marciano
Antonio Margarito
Terry Marsh
Bob Martin
Joey Maxim
Ricardo Mayorga
Daniel Mendoza
Ray Mercer
Dariusz Michalczewski
Alan Minter
Pedro Montanez
Carlos Monzon
Archie Moore
Davey Moore
Michael Moorer
Jose Napoles
Azumah Nelson
Ken Norton
Sean O' Grady
Ruben Olivares
Carl Bobo Olson
Carlos Ortiz
Manuel Ortiz
Carlos Palomino
Willie Pastrano
Floyd Patterson
Willie Pep
Benny "The Kid" Paret
Paul Pender
Pascual Perez
Lupe Pintor
Aaron Pryor
Jerry Quarry
Sugar Ray Robinson
Jose King Roman
Danny Romero
Brad Rone
Edwin Rosario
Lionel Rose
Mike Rossman
John Ruiz
Sandy Saddler
Alex "El Nene" Sanchez
Salvador Sanchez
Corrie Sanders
Richie Sandoval
Ahmed Santos
Bob Sapp
Félix Savón
Tom Sayers
Max Schmeling
Samuel Serrano
Jack Sharkey
Earnie Shavers
Yoshio Shirai
Julian Solis
Rafael Solis
Paul Spadafora
Leon Spinks
Michael Spinks
Teofilo Stevenson
Bruce Strauss
John L. Sullivan
Johnny Tapia
Pinklon Thomas
Dick Tiger
Jose Torres
Felix Trinidad
Gene Tunney
Randy Turpin
Mike Tyson
Fernando Vargas
Wilfredo Vazquez
Jersey Joe Walcott
Micky Ward
Jiro Watanabe
Maurice Watkins
Michael Watson
Jim Watt
Chuck Wepner
Jess Willard
Ji Won Kim
Alfonso Zamora
Carlos Zarate

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  • @etekle no he did not at all, he actually tod frank carbo to stay away from his fight jack ass. and you cant fake and pay fro broken bones and vessals, unlike ali woth forman, or ail and liston.

  • Best right hand ever thrown!!!

  • I'm surprised it didn't blow his chin down his throat.

  • when u read what u guys wrote about @sound effects? i thought u guys were talkin about the gruesome noise noises that fighters make in the ring once they through punches.

    Now at this time i needed to piss, but i also wanted to be on the same page as u guys so i put the volume high because i thought this is an old video clip i just cant here jack SHIT........ Long story short, geuss who peed a little? fuck "tightbastard"

  • i'm laying down and i jumped when those sound effects went off.

  • @wkLeoTrooper Marciano's punch was actually measured on a ballistic pendulum by the U.S. Testing Co. in the 50's (not sure of the exact year). It measured 925 foot pounds; which means his punch produced enough torque to lift 925 pounds one foot off the ground, which is even more impressive than spotlifting 1000 lbs "an inch" off the ground, don't you think? Powerful enough to kayo any champ; past, present, or future!

  • hahahahahaa

  • He was affiliated with the mobsters, he got his fights paid for.

  • me to 

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